Available Graduate Student and Post Doctoral Positions:
Graduate student and post-doctoral candidates must have a BS (graduate student) or a PhD (postdoc) degree or equivalent in nutrition, immunology, microbiology, biochemistry or cell biology. He/she can select research projects which involve the isolation of intestinal stem cells, T-cells and T-cell subsets utilizing affinity chromatography and flow cytometry techniques. This individual will also be trained for mouse breeding, genotyping and tracking of knock out and transgenic models. He/she will perform molecular biology, genomic, computational biology and immunology based assays and assist with data analysis and work closely with the Image Analysis, Gnotobiotic, and System Biology Core Laboratories. Current research projects focus on:

  • 1. Colonic cytokinetics and cell signaling: dietary effects
  • 2. n-3 fatty acids alter T-cell activation and signaling
  • 3. Gene expression analysis of coding and non-coding RNAs in colon cancer prevention
  • 4. Gut microbiota and colonic gene expression
  • 5. Chemoprotective effects of natural products on colonic adult stem cells
  • 6. Targeting prostaglandin substrate availability in colon cancer: Characterization of a novel arachidonic acid-deficient mouse model
  • 7. Nutrition, Biostatistics, and Bioinformatics

Interested parties should contact Dr. Robert S. Chapkin at