Lab Members

Lab Personnel

Jeannie Allen, Ph.D. Candidate in Nutrition (T cell signaling, targeted apoptosis of stem cells)

Evelyn Callaway, B.S., M.S., (Maintenance/genotyping of transgenic mice (Lgr5-LacZ, Lgr5-GFP, Folate receptor KO mice RFC1+/-, Folbp1+/-, compound mice; Fat-1, SOD+/-, DO11.10, IL-10-/-, Gpx4Tg, Gpx4+/-, NF-KB-GFP, luciferase reporters, villin CRE, inducible villin CRE, floxed PPARgamma, floxed PPARdelta, FADS1-/-), coloncyte cell culture. Colon carcinogen and inflammation mouse studies).

Dr. Laurie Davidson, Research Scientist (Somatic stem cell biology, organoid cultures, colon cancer genomics, non-invasive detection of colon cancer biomarkers, microRNAs, polysomal RNA, chronic inflammation of the intestine).

Dr. Vanessa De Clercq, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Obesity, chronic inflammation and stem cell biology)

Dr. Yang-Yi Fan, Associate Research Scientist (Membrane microdomain-nanocluster characterization and cell signaling, phospholipid hydroperoxide formation and the induction of apoptosis, oxidatively stressed transgenic mouse models, i.e., SOD+/-, Gpx4Tg, Gpx4+/- mice. Mitochondrial energy metabolism).

Robert Fuentes, Ph.D. Candidate in Toxicology (Plasma membrane lipid rafts and growth factor signaling)

Jennifer Goldsby, B.S., M.S., (Operation of Illumina iScan, Agilent and Codelink microarray/bead station platforms, mRNA quality assessment, Illumina and Roche 454 Deep Sequencing, bioinformatics).

Tim Hou, Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry (T cell signal transduction, dietary lipid suppression of mitochondrial translocation and Ca2+ homeostasis, polyphosphoinositide signal transduction).

Eunjoo Kim, Ph.D. Candidate in Cell and Molecular Biology (Gene expression analysis of coding and non-coding RNAs in colon cancer prevention)

Jason Knight, Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical Engineering (Computational biology, intestinal microbiome-host interaction)

Karen Triff, Ph.D. Candidate in Biology (Epigenetic effects of nutritional bioactives, e.g., butyrate, docosahexaeonic acid and linoleic acid, have on the Bcl-2 family of proteins in epithelial colonocytes, chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses).

Dr. Roger Zoh, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Biostatistics, computational biology, intestinal microbiome-host interaction)

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