The projects are centred on the interface between the pharmaceutical and biomaterial sciences at the nano- micro-or macro-scale to prevent, manage or treat diseases. The primary objective of the program is to harness the maximum therapeutic potential of existing drug molecules aided by better delivery approaches, that not only leads to better therapies but also possible new indications. The group is also interested in developing products based on alternative/traditional medicines exploring the novel delivery strategies. In addition focus is also laid on combination therapies involving a drug/drug, drug/phytochemicals/herbs or combinations of phytochemicals/herbs either to overcome drug resistance, target multiple disease pathways in chronic setting or manage/treat co-existing diseases.

The group currently focuses on the following three areas of product development and testing.

  1. Modify the existing polyesters with small molecule ligands to facilitate receptor mediated oral delivery.
  2. Novel synthetic approaches to make multivalent polymers for receptor mediated oral delivery and beyond. [US 62/149,563 (Provisional)]
  3. Responsive delivery systems that are suitable for invasive or non-invasive administration.