Lab Pictures

2019- Lab moving to the new MREB2 building!!! (May, 2019)








2017 – Solar eclipse

Picture taken immediately AFTER the solar eclipse.

From left to right: Zhilei, Rudo, Pete, Gunhye and Zeyu.


2016 – Departmental Halloween party
A debate on important issues between the Glove Party (Chen group) and Tube Party (Leboweitz group), moderated by Julia (McGregor group)


From left to right: Julian, Drew, Joseph, Jane, Julia, Rudo, Nag, Gunhye, Zhilei and Lizy

2014 – Departmental Halloween party
We are all viruses! Can you guess what viruses we are?Halloween 2014

From left to right: phage (Nag); foot and mouth virus (Ana); smallpox (Jane); Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS, Julian); Togavirus (Elise); Adenovirus (Mehak); Ebola (Zhilei); Rhinovirus (Gunhye)