Carolyn L. Cannon, M.D.,Cannon Ph.D.

Associate Professor

1993      PhD, Physiology and Cell Biology, University of Texas
1993      MD, University of Texas Medical School
1985      MS, Electrical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1982      BS (cum laude), Bioengineering, Texas A&M University

Researchers at Texas A&M discover new treatments against drug-resistant infections
Since World War II, antibiotics have saved countless lives by killing disease-causing bacteria. To this day, traditional antibiotics remain the only treatment against such illnesses, but overuse and misuse have caused some bacteria to develop resistance to commonly used antibiotics.
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A novel in vitro metric predicts in vivo efficacy of inhaled silver-based antimicrobials in a murine Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia model
Nature Scientific Reports
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