Degradable polyphosphoester-based silver-loaded nanoparticles as therapeutics for bacterial lung infections
Fuwu Zhang, Justin A. Smolen, Shiyi Zhang, Richen Li, Parth N. Shah, Sangho Cho, Hai Wang, Jeffery E. Raymond, Carolyn L. Cannon and Karen L. Wooley

In this study, a new type of degradable polyphosphoester-based polymeric nanoparticle, capable of carrying silver cations via interactions with alkyne groups, has been developed as a potentially effective and safe treatment for lung infections.
It was found that up to 15% (w/w) silver loading into the nanoparticles could be achieved, consuming most of the pendant alkyne groups along the backbone, as revealed by Raman spectroscopy. The well-defined Ag-loaded nanoparticles released silver in a controlled and sustained manner over 5 days, and displayed enhanced in vitroantibacterial activities against cystic fibrosis-associated pathogens and decreased cytotoxicity to human bronchial epithelial cells, in comparison to silver acetate.

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