Texas A&M Intercollegiate Cancer Research Program


Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. Cultivating the development of all aspects of cancer research and cancer prevention has become an important academic pursuit at research-intensive universities. Recognizing the public health crisis and the staggering costs associated with cancer treatment, both federal and state governments have dedicated considerable resources to study the causes of cancer and to implement innovative strategies for cancer prevention and treatment.

Funding opportunities for cancer research abound nationally, as well as at the state level in Texas. However, up to this point, progress on developing an integrated cancer research program with appropriate graduate training opportunities have been limited at Texas A&M. This is evident from the low levels of Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) funding received by Texas A&M investigators.

Despite limited support, cancer research activities of faculty and students have continued to expand and excel, and Texas A&M is poised to develop an integrated Cancer Research Center, building on the unique expertise not present at major medical centers.

The main objectives of the Intercollegiate Cancer Research Program at Texas A&M are to:

  • Enhance the visibility of cancer research at Texas A&M
  • Enhance collaboration across colleges and units at Texas A&M
  • Expand the Texas A&M cancer research community
  • Increase recruitment of investigators who study cancer
  • Increase cancer research funding proposals
  • Maintain and expand donor outreach