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Social Genome Project

Salud Para Usted y Su Familia [Health for You and Your Family]

  • USDA (2/01/2015-1/31/2020)
  • PI: Joseph Sharkey
  • Family-Focused Childhood Obesity Prevention
  • Project Website

Managing PTSD using Remote Health Technology

  • Collaboration with VA and Industrial Engineering at the Center for Remote Health Technology and Systems
  • Fundeded by TEES Strategic Areas Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grant

Managing Diabetes in the Digital World

CBRN The Trajectory of Back Pain

Texas Medicaid 1115 Waiver Evaluation

Funding : TX-HHSC, Texas Health and Human Services Commission (2/01/2013-4/30/2017)

  • Contract with the Texas HHSC to conduct the evaluation of the Texas Healthcare Transformation & Quality Improvement Program Demonstration Waiver
  • Rebecca Wells, Robert Ohsfeldt, Hye-chung Kum (PI)
  • Project Website

DataBridge – A Sociometric System for Long-Tail Science Data Collections

Funding : NSF, BIGDATA: Mid-Scale: ESCE: DCM: Collaborative Research (Nov 2012-Oct 2015)

  • Collaborators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • Arcot Rajasekar (PI), professor at the School of Information and Library Science and chief scientist at RENCI
    • Thomas W. Carsey, Pearsall Distinguished Professor of political science and director, H.W. Odum Institute
    • Jon Crabtree, assistant director of Computing and Archiving, H.W. Odum Institute
    • Howard Lander, senior research software developer, RENCI
    • Sharlini Sankaran, executive director, REACH NC/RENCI
  • Collaborators outside UNC
    • Harvard University : Drs. Gary King, Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science Institute Quantitative Social Science and Merce Crosas, director of product development Harvard MIT Data Center
    • Justin Zhan, director of iLab, Department of Computer Science North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University.
  • Press Release
  • DataBridge Project Website

NuTRUtion Nation : The Truth About Our Food Environment

Funding : Food Research Group, Carolina Population Center (May 2012-present)

  • Collaboration with Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health
  • While people care about health and nutrition and make numerous decisions about food daily, they are often overwhelmed by conflicting messages and marketing. This project will use crowdsourcing to gather, organize and share up-to-date objective nutrition facts label and ingredient information from foods in people’s daily environment. This will help public health researchers and consumers understand the spatial and temporal variations in the types and nutrition quality of foods around them. NuTRUtion Nation is a tool that can empower communities to document and monitor changes in their food environment and advocate for improvements.
  • More information

Management Assistance for North Carlina Website

Funding : Division of Social Services, NC-DHHS (1998-present)

  • Collaboration with School of Social Work
  • Administrative Data : NC Child Welfare, Work First, Food and Nutritional Services, Mediciad, ESC UI data
  • AllSpark : Simple template language for automatic SAS/IntrNet code generation

The North Carolina Public Health Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) Research Implementation Award : Reimbursement Policy Change and Its Effect on Local Public Health Service Outcomes

Funding : Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (March 2010-Aug 2012) & Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, US-DHHS (Mar 2011-Aug 2012)

  • Collaboration with School of Public Health
  • Administrative Data : NC LHD data (HSIS/HIS), vital statistics, Mediciad, WIC, Pregnancy Nutritional Surveillance System
  • The purpose of the proposed two-year project is to conduct public health systems and services research on a key policy change recently enacted in North Carolina (NC) that affects the staffing and delivery of services in local health departments (LHDs) throughout the state. The proposed project will examine the consequences of a recent reduction of Medicaid reimbursement funding for a program that since the late 1980s has provided evidence-based case management, maternity outreach and postpartum services to low-income women and their children, and contributed to improved birth outcomes in these at-risk populations.

NDACAN Web Access : Public Access to National Child Welfare Data

Funding : Children’s Bureau, US-DHHS support through National Data Archive for Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN)

  • Collaboration with National Data Archive for Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) at Cornell University
  • Administrative Data : National AFCARS and NCANDS Data
  • Build a public access dynamic website for the national AFCARS and NCANDS Data held at the National Data Archive for Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) at Cornell University

Coming of Age: Employment Outcomes for Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care Through Their Middle Twenties

Funding : Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), US-DHHS through a sub-contract with the Urban Institute

ApproxMAP : Approximate Sequential Pattern Mining via Multiple Alignment