Using the Virtual Lab

You can use the TAMU main campus VOAL (virtual open access lab) for this class from any windows or apple machine.

  • What you get
    • SAS software
    • 1G of diskspace that you can use over the full course. I suggest not putting any sensitive data from projects on this disk, but public data for class is fine.
  • What you have to do
    • activate your NetID (
    • Go to (you have to use IE or Safari)
    • Download and install a small software (this should be VERY easy)
    • Reboot your computer, and go back to
    • Log in with your NetID
    • You should get your very own desktop (H: is your 1G of space)
    • Click on the start button, and type in ‘sas’ in the find programs box
    • select SAS 9.3 (English)
  • For more information
    • Main campus help page (24/7/365):