Welcome to Dr. Irtisha Singh’s Laboratory

Uncovering transcriptional and co-transcriptional regulatory programs in normal and diseased states

We are an integrative computational and experimental laboratory within the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine at Texas A&M University (TAMU) with an affiliation with Department of Biomedical Engineering at TAMU. The primary focus of our group is to utilize diverse, high-throughput functional assays and perturbations to uncover mechanisms of transcriptional and co-transcriptional regulation in normal and diseased states. We combine the strengths of computational methods and molecular assays to dissect the functional regulatory programs in mammalian cells. We have established multidisciplinary collaborations with researcher at Baylor College of Medicine, and Texas Children’s Hospital.

Key Research Area: (a) Computational biology, (b) Transcriptional and co-transcriptional regulation, and (c) Epigenetics


Featured Publications

1. Widespread intronic polyadenylation diversifies immune cell transcriptomes
Singh I, Lee S, Sperling A, Samur MK, Tai Y, Fulciniti M, Munshi N, Mayr C, Leslie C
Nature Communications 9: 1716 (2018)

2. Widespread intronic polyadenylation inactivates tumor suppressor genes in leukemia
[Lee S*, Singh I*], Lee S, Tisdale S, Abdel-Wahab O, Leslie C, Mayr C [*Co-first authors]
Nature 561, 127–131 (2018)

3. Chromatin landscapes reveal developmentally encoded transcriptional states that define glioblastoma
[Mack SC*,Singh I*, Wang X*], Hirsch R, Wu Q, Bernatchez JA, Zhu Z, Gimple RC, Kim LJY, Morton A, Lai S, Qiu Z, Villagomez R, Prager BC, Bertrand KC, Mah C, Zhou W, Lee C, Barnett GH, Vogelbaum MA, Sloan AE, Chavez L, Bao S, Scacheri PC, Siqueira-Neto JL, Lin CY, Rich JN [*Co-first authors]
Journal of Experimental Medicine, 216 (5), 1071 (2019)

4. Learning the recognition code for transcription factor and RNA-binding protein families from high-throughput binding assays
Pelossof R, Singh I, Yang J, Weirauch M, Hughes T, Leslie C
Nature Biotechnology 33, 1242–1249(2015)

5. Global profiling of stimulus-induced polyadenylation in cells using a poly (A) trap
Curanovic D, Cohen M, Singh I, Slagle CE, Leslie CS, Jaffrey SR
Nature Chemical Biology 9, 671–673(2013)


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