Welcome to our laboratory


We have two dedicated shakers for protein expression.

Our microfluidizer used for efficiently lysing bacterial and yeast cells.

On the left, is our AKTAxpress designed for automated, multistep protein purification of multiple samples.  On the right, is our AKTA pure with several upgrades designed for automated purification of up to seven samples at once.

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Our Waters Synapt G1 modified for large protein complexes, including a temperature-controlled source.  Second Synapt G1 due to arrive later this year.

X-ray Crystallography

Our mosquito LCP crystallization robot from TTP Labtech designed for high-throughput crystallization experiments.

Our Dragonfly robot from TTP Labtech designed for rapid optimization of crystallization hits.

Dedicated Leica M250C microscope for visualizing crystallization experiments.