Alistair McGregor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Virology (1994) University of Glasgow

Postdoc: University of California, Berkeley

Postdoc: Children’s Research Hospital Cincinnati/ University of Cincinnati

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Our lab studies various herpesviruses but the major focus of our research is on the study of cytomegalovirus. Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV  or Human herpesvirus 5) is a large DNA virus (>235 kb) that belongs to theBetaherpesvirinae genus of the Herpesviridaefamily. Primary HCMV infection in immunocompetent individuals is usually benign but establishes a lifelong latent state. Immune suppressed transplant recipients or AIDS patients are particularly susceptible to life-threatening end-organ disease. The other vulnerable population is the developing fetus in utero. During pregnancy, the vertical transmission of the virus across the placenta to the fetus (congenital infection) can lead to serious symptomatic disease in newborns that include mental retardation and deafness. Congenital CMV is the leading cause of mental retardation/deafness in newborns with over 5,000 children each year in the US. HCMV is also considered to be a contributing factor to vascular disease and specific cancers (eg. glioblastoma).

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